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Exercise and Foot Health

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Benefits of exerciseIf you don’t already follow an exercise plan, we highly recommend starting one to contribute to your health. We are fortunate to have many running trails, sports fields, golf courses, tennis courts, and recreation centers in Richardson, TX, so you have plenty of options for staying fit.

There are several ways exercise and foot health go together. Some benefits are:

  • Stronger muscles. Muscles obviously play a major role in allowing the human body to move, but they also benefit your lower limb health by helping to absorb some of the physical forces endured by feet and ankles. When muscles are weak, they are unable to do this, which then results in additional stress being absorbed by bone tissue. This can cause stress fractures, but strong muscles reduce the risk of these common overuse injuries.
  • Better circulation. A healthy blood flow is essential for ensuring the feet and toes receive the nourishment they need. A regular exercise program helps to promote better circulation, but it can also force the muscles to become more efficient in absorbing oxygen.
  • Improved flexibility. Many foot and ankle issue arise when connective tissues (ligaments, tendons) are excessively tight and have poor range of motion. An exercise regimen containing proper stretches can keep soft tissues flexible and better equipped to move in a natural manner.
  • Lower weight. It is no big secret that exercise is an important part of losing and maintaining body weight, but not enough people consider what this means for the lower limbs. Walking is a low-impact activity, but it still applies one and a half times an individual’s bodyweight on the lower limbs with every step. Working out, in conjunction with a sensible diet plan, reduces the amount of physical force loads placed on the feet and ankles, and thus your risk of injuries.

It is quite apparent that exercise plays a big role in foot health, but so too does knowing where to go for help when foot and ankle problems arise. If you live in the greater Richardson, TX community, the answer to this is Richardson Podiatry Associates.

Our office is proud to provide effective foot and ankle services for all of our patients. If you are suffering from any lower limb issue or would like additional information regarding exercise and your foot health, simply contact us by calling (972) 690-5374. You can also request an appointment with us online today via the form here on our website.

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