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Eating Well for Optimal Foot Health

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Healthy eating won't just help you lose weight -- it'll help keep your feet healthy, tooMedical and fitness experts have promoted healthy eating and regular exercise for ages. The simple reason behind this is these are essential activities for health and wellbeing. When you think about the benefits of adhering to a healthy diet, you might consider weight loss, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and perhaps muscle gain. These are all great reasons to eat more veggies, whole grains, and lean meats, but a proper diet is also important for your foot health!

Your feet support your entire body and allow you to move, all while facing significant force loads. In order to endure those forces, your feet are intricately structured. In your lower limbs, you will find over one-quarter of all the bones in your body, along with over 200 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The bones and respective soft tissues combine to form over 66 different joints between the two feet (and ankles).

All of those tissues are impacted by your dietary choices. There are several ways a proper diet will help you have optimal foot health, including:

  • Lower bodyweight. When you walk, you place up to two times your bodyweight in force on your feet. When you run, those forces can be up to four times your weight! A sensible diet will keep your weight down, which equals less stress for your feet.
  • Strong bones. As we just noted, feet face a lot of physical force and stress. To lower your stress fracture risk, you should strive for strong, healthy bones. This means eating foods high in calcium and vitamin D.
  • Healthy circulation. Feet are the farthest points on the body from the heart, so keep the pathways for oxygenated blood clear by eating whole grains and vegetables to lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Healthy nerves. Damaged nerves can lead to various foot issues, but you can strengthen your nerves by consuming foods rich in all B vitamins, vitamins E and C, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Disease prevention and management. This can apply to other medical issues, but gout and diabetes are two conditions that can really affect your lower limbs. Gout causes periodic bouts of intense pain and diabetes causes serious complications (diabetic foot ulcers, Charcot foot). Dietary habits are essential for preventing and managing both of these diseases.

Eating well is a good start when it comes to your foot health, but don’t forget the importance of getting early treatment when issues arise. We offer many foot care services, so contact our Richardson, TX office by calling (972) 690-5374 for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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