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Child Foot Care Basics

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Living in the greater Dallas community means there are countless activities you can do with your children. Between the Dallas Zoo, Perot Museum, Dallas Children’s Theater, Cedar Hill State Park, and Dallas World Aquarium—to name only a few of the options—there are lot of opportunities to educate and entertain your young ones. Learning and new experiences are certainly core components of child development, but so too is physical activity. Kids need to spend time running around and being active for physical development. When they do, child foot care measures will keep their feet safe and ready to burn off the excess energy they always have.

Infant footThere are two different considerations in foot care for children—prevention and treatment. The good news about preventive measures for foot or ankle issues is that they are fairly easy and do not require a lot of extra effort. Actually, some you might already be doing.

Here are some tips to keep your son or daughter’s lower limbs healthy:

  • Keep feet clean. Make sure that your child washes his or her feet every day with warm water and soap to help prevent fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Buy footwear that fits. Many common foot and ankle issues—including ingrown toenails, blisters, corns, and calluses—develop when shoes are too tight or too large. Be sure there is room in the front (toes should be able to wiggle and there should be a thumb’s width of space between longest toe and front of shoe), but also that the heel is firmly cradled.
  • Buy activity-appropriate shoes. Many children love playing sports. When they do, make sure they are wearing the right footwear—soccer shoes for soccer players, running shoes for runners, basketball shoes for basketball players, etc.
  • Pay attention. Stay observant to how your child walks (his or her gait), what the feet look like, and also the behaviors of your child. Physical issues are reasonably easy to spot, but sudden withdrawal from a favorite activity is also an indication there may be problem.

It is our hope that your son and daughter will not have to experience foot or ankle issues in the first place, but parents always appreciate knowing that the nonsurgical treatments we provide are helpful for addressing many common problems.

At Richardson Podiatry Associates, we take pride in providing gentle care for our young patients. For more information on our child foot care services, give us a call at (972) 690-5374. If your child needs treatment or to have an issue looked at, our staff can help you set up an appointment at our Richardson, TX office, but you can also use our online form to request one.

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