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Benefits of a Gait Analysis

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Benefit of a Gait AnalysisEveryone loves to have choices! Our economy basically runs on the fact that you can choose what kind of car you want to drive, hamburger you want to eat, and clothes you want to wear. Well, the Too Cold to Hold run in Dallas on February 1 offers three different distances—a 5K, 10K, and a half marathon—from which you can choose. The races take place at Norbuck Park and you may want to realize the benefits of a gait analysis before the run, regardless of which distance you choose.

Gait analysis is a study of your running motion and can be valuable in either the improvement of running performance or correcting biomechanical issues. Competitive runners use gait analysis to correct form issues and the results can lead to greater efficiency. In sports where winners are established based on fractions of a second, the benefits of a gait analysis can be seen at the finish line.

At Richardson Podiatry, we typically offer gait analysis as a tool to identify and correct biomechanics for individuals who experience pain or discomfort while running. This process enables us to identify pronation or heel strike issues when a patient runs. Based on the results of the analysis, we formulate a treatment plan that targets the core issues. Often, custom-prepared orthotics will work to correct any imbalances and alleviate painful conditions.

When you want to experience the benefits of gait analysis, either to improve performance or on account of a recurring injury, Richardson Podiatry Associates is here for you. Dr. Gene Reister will evaluate your gait and help correct any faulty biomechanical problems. Contact our Richardson, TX office by calling (972) 690-5374 or using our online form.

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