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Athlete’s Foot Prevention Tips for Fungus-Free Feet

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Athlete's foot preventionThe quote “Not all who wander are lost” is lifted from a poem written by J.R.R. Tolkien for his classic novel, The Fellowship of the Ring. Whether or not you are a fantasy-fiction fan, you have to admit that Tolkien’s words are appropriate if you like to enjoy the natural beauty of Breckinridge Park. The fields of wildflowers and open prairie are idyllic settings for “getting lost” from the rigors of the daily grind…but without much risk of actually getting lost!

To stay safe and healthy while enjoying outdoor activities, use athlete’s foot prevention measures to avoid itchy, burning feet, because contracting the fungal infection can put a damper on your day at the park!

When we consider the possible foot and ankle issues that can arise, athlete’s foot tends to be more on the “annoying” side of things than the “dangerous” side. That said, it is an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, this fungal infection is often treated with relative ease by the use of over-the-counter products. Even better, athlete’s foot is a fairly preventable condition.

Some of the best tips for athlete’s foot prevention include:

  • Keep your feet dry. If you are enjoying the day at Breckinridge Park, be sure to wear moisture-wicking socks and shoes or boots constructed from breathable materials. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection, and fungus relies on moisture to thrive.
  • Use antifungal or talcum powder on your feet. Sprinkle the powder before putting on your socks and you will greatly cut down the odds of developing athlete’s foot.
  • Alternate shoes every other day. Have two pairs of shoes and wear them on alternating days. This gives each pair 24 hours to dry out between uses, which makes them less hospitable for fungus.
  • Let your feet breathe. Unless we advise otherwise, such as for those who have diabetes, go barefoot sometimes while at home to further promote dry, fungus-free feet.
  • Protect your feet in public places. Be sure to always wear shower shoes or sandals when visiting gym locker rooms, showering areas, and indoor pool decks. These damp, warm environments are potential breeding grounds for fungus.

For additional information on preventing athlete’s foot, or if you need help in treating a difficult case, simply give us a call at (972) 690-5374. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you might have and assist you in scheduling an appointment with our Richardson, TX office. Of course, you can also request a visit with Richardson Podiatry Associates online today.

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