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Athlete’s Foot Myth-Busting

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Foot examInitially conceived by Dan Aykroyd in the early ‘80s, Ghostbusters became a beloved film that spawned a sequel, TV series, and now, roughly 30 years later, a rebooted version coming out this summer. The movie’s influence has been rather extensive, even to the point where one could make the case that the name of the Discovery Channel’s popular series MythBusters played homage to the classic comedy-horror hybrid.

Now, here at Richardson Podiatry Associates, we tend to fall closer to the “myth-busting” side of things than we do the “ghost-busting” side, especially when we talk about athlete’s foot myths. One of our goals for being your first choice in podiatric care is to present all the facts so you aren’t being misguided when it comes to conditions that affect your lower limbs.

Athlete’s foot is a fairly common fungal infection, but it’s one that has some associated misconceptions. With this in mind, let’s start busting the following myths about the condition:

  • Myth #1 – Athlete’s foot is only for athletes. It only makes sense to begin with the biggest myth, which is the false notion that this condition is only for athletes. While gym locker rooms and showering areas contain risks, you only need to have feet to possibly end up with athlete’s foot. This means that non-athletes are as likely to end up with the infection as anyone else.
  • Myth #2 – A daily shower prevents athlete’s foot. There are many reasons to keep your feet clean, but warding off athlete’s foot is not one of them. Actually, showering is a way you might end up with this condition. Fungus and other microorganisms thrive in warm, damp environments like showering areas. For optimal prevention, clean your shower at home daily and wear appropriate footwear when using communal ones.
  • Myth # 3 – The only way to contract athlete’s foot is walking barefoot in certain areas. The risk of athlete’s foot is greater if you walk barefoot in locker rooms and showers, but sharing socks, shoes, or towels with an infected individual also puts you at risk.
  • Myth #4 – Poor hygiene is a potential cause. Washing your feet daily can help to reduce some risk, but this condition is not caused by poor hygiene! Microorganisms like tinea pedis are incredibly small and easily missed when washing your feet. Your best prevention is to keep feet and your footwear dry.

Don’t let the athlete’s foot myths mislead you about this fungal infection. Instead, check in with Richardson Podiatry Associates and discover the truth. Call us at (972) 690-5374 for additional information or assistance with scheduling an appointment. You can also request your appointment online with our Richardson, TX office today.

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