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Achilles Tendon Injuries and Treatment

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Achilles tendon treatmentIf you are a running enthusiast who enjoys participating in 10K or half marathon races, you might be interested in The Hottest Half & 10k on August 14. The race starts at 7:30 AM down in Dallas, but you can pick up your packet the day before at Academy Sports & Outdoors in West Plano between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM. (There are also packet pickup locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, if you happen to be in either of those areas.)

Whether or not you participate in The Hottest Half & 10k, if you are a runner or stay physical active in other ways, there is a chance you might sustain one of several Achilles tendon injuries at some point. We certainly hope this isn’t the case and you are able to stay safe, but it is important to know about them just in case they do arise.

Possible injuries to this important tendon behind your ankle include:

  • Achilles tendinitis. This is a common overuse injury that causes pain in the upper back of the heel area. Basically, in this condition the tendon has become inflamed due to repetitive stress.
  • Achilles tendinosis. Chronic tendinitis can lead to degeneration of the tendon. It can also be associated with an existing heel spur that causes friction, and many times is related to tightness in the tendon and calf muscle.
  • Achilles tendon rupture. In a rupture, the tendon is either partially or completely torn. There is typically severe pain at the time of occurrence, along with a popping or snapping noise.

The treatment for Achilles tendon injuries will depend on the injury sustained, its severity, and your goals and lifestyle. Conservative treatments range from pain medication, rest, and icing to physical therapy (stretching and strengthening exercises) and orthotic devices. Surgical procedures may also be used to repair the torn tendon when rupture has occurred, especially if you are young and want to return to competitive sports.

No matter what type of the Achilles injury you sustain, Richardson Podiatry Associates provides effective treatment to get you back running in the shortest possible time. For more information or to request an appointment with our Richardson, TX office, give us a call at (972) 690-5374 and our friendly staff will be glad to help. If you’d prefer, you can also take advantage of the “Contact Us” form on our website to connect with us.

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