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Biomechanics Blog

When it comes to treating your foot and ankle pain, you want the latest, most innovative care. Stay current on what’s happening in the field of podiatry and find out how it relates to the care you’re receiving from our North Dallas foot and ankle doctor.

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  • Biomechanics and Foot Problems A majority of foot pain and difficulty can be traced back to biomechanics, so Dr. Reister takes the time to discuss what this actually means, how it relates to foot pain, and what can be done with problems arise. Find out what really happens as your foot progresses during the ground portion of a step and how much pressure it endures (which explains why you can end up with painful conditions).
  • Trouble with Overpronation The professionals at Richardson Podiatry Associates describe a wide range of medical conditions that can develop from causes like overpronation.
  • Your Pronation Style Understanding your pronation style is useful for identifying foot and ankle issues and determining which running shoes to buy, says Dr. Gene Reister.
  • Pronation is Natural! Dr. Gene Reister discusses pronation, a natural motion your foot uses every time you take a step, along with abnormal variations of the process.
  • Managing Overpronation from Flat Feet Learn about overpronation and how to effectively manage this gait abnormality from the foot care professionals at Richardson Podiatry Associates in Texas.
  • How to Determine Your Foot Arch Type Being able to identify what foot arch type you have can help explain pain and discomfort you may be experiencing. Dr. Gene Reister explains how to know.